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2015 Conference
Applications for the 2015 Young Entrepreneurs Program are now open.  The deadline to apply is March 31, 2015 at midnight.

2014 Conference
The Words Every Founder Needs to Hear

Facebook acquisition of Oculus could end up boosting crowd funding

Audio from the 2014 Nantucket Conference

2014 Nantucket Conference Photo Montage

Infomous Time Machine: See word clouds of tweets in half-hour increments

Angel investors, venture capital and startups

2013 Conference
Audio from the 2013 Nantucket Conference

2013 Nantucket Conference Photo Montage

2012 Conference
Audio from the 2012 Nantucket Conference

Some text clouds for Nantucket 2012, from Infomous

2012 Nantucket Conference Photo Montage

The 2012 Nantucket Conference: Reflections of An Italian Kid

2011 Conference

Feedback from the 2011 Nantucket Conference:
"I have to tell you that I was absolutely blown away by the Nantucket Conference.  In my 30 year business career (to-date) it was the single best event I've ever attended.  What an incredible chance to hear from the legends (and future legends) of the industry.  The networking opportunities were terrific (I particularly enjoyed speaking with many of the young entrepreneurs)" -- 2011 Nantucket Conference Participant

Audio from the 2011 Nantucket Conference

2011 Nantucket Conference Photo Montage

Some text clouds for Nantucket 2011, from Infomous

2010 Conference

Startup Insights From Paul English, Co-Founder of Kayak

2010 Nantucket Conference Photo Montage

Read Scott Kirsner's Innovation Economy write-up.

Audio from "The A123 Systems Story" session at Nantucket 2010 (MP3)

Audio from the "Stalking the Wily Consumer" session at Nantucket 2010 (MP3)

Audio from the "Paul English Fireside Chat" at Nantucket 2010 (MP3)

Audio from "How CEOs Grow With their Companies" session at Nantucket 2010 (MP3)

A Plan To Create 12 Massachusetts Start-Ups In 12 Months

Nantucket Conference: A tech idea mining ground for VCs

2009 Conference

View the official 2009 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

Read Dan Primack's blog from the conference.

Xconomy summarized the themes of the 2009 conference... Read Scott Kirsner's write-up.

In Wachovia's absence, businesses hoping for boost from smaller conference

Harmonix rocks, as conferences roll into the Hub

Conference advisor Bill Warner discusses the 2009 gathering

Videoconferencing, web conferences improve in-person meetings

2008 Conference

View the official 2008 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

View Don Dodge's blog on the 2008 Conference.

View Sim Simeonov's blog on the 2008 Conference.

Innovation Economy: Dinner Discussion on Consumer Tech in Boston

2007 Conference

View the official 2007 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

View Scott Kirsner's YouTube collage of the 2007 Conference.

View Vinit Nijhawan's blog on the 2007 Conference.

2006 Conference

View the official 2006 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

View View Barb Heffner's blog on the 2006 Conference

2005 Conference

View the official 2005 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

View Dan Bricklin's blog on the 2005 Conference.

Six Years and Counting: Tech Elite Gathers at 6th Annual Nantucket Conference for Deal-Making & Open Dialog on the State of Technology & Innovation in New England

2004 Conference

View the official 2004 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

Five Years and Counting: New England's Tech Elite Look to the 5th Annual Nantucket Conference for Unvarnished Discussion on Where the Technology Bets are being Placed

2003 Conference

View the official 2003 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

Visit's photo gallery.

"Moving Fast in a Slow-Motion World"

2002 Conference

View the official 2002 Nantucket Conference scrapbook.

Dan Bricklin's commentary about the 2002 Conference

New England's Tech Leaders Already Lining Up for 3rd Annual Nantucket Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Here is a sample of the media coverage from the 2000 and 2001 Nantucket Conferences:

October 2001
Fortune Small Business
The New Schmooze

Other 2001 News
Dan Bricklin's commentary about the Conference.

magazine, June 1, 2000.
Boston Business Journal, April 10, 2000.
The Industry Standard, March 20, 2000.